The 5 most traded stocks on Pitly


I bet you are wondering what other investors are buying? Am I right? Here you can find the 5 most traded stocks on Pitly. 

Apple Inc. - AAPL


Apple takes the first position and has a privileged space on Pitly investors' portfolios.

Now it's time to see if Apple customers are willing to pay $999 (plus taxes) to have an iPhone X. Given that component costs for the iPhone X are $581 compared to $248 for the iPhone 7, the market is worried about Apple's margins. 

Apple's Year-to-date (YTD) Gross Margin is 38.7% as of July 1, 2017.


Amazon - AMZN


Morgan Stanley reiterates its Overweight rating for Amazon at a $1,150 price target and offers some forecasts for Amazon Prime and the recently acquired Whole Foods.

Morgan Stanley estimates that 38% of Whole Foods customers aren’t current Amazon Prime subscribers, which gives the company about 5 million more households to reach with the program. They expect Amazon can convert half of those customers to Prime members by 2019. 

Netflix - NFLX


What can we say about Netflix? Everybody is on it right? Even with this "fact," there's a lot of room to growth for Netflix. 

Just in the U.S. they expect to grow 10.7% in the third quarter of this year.

Also they are focusing on creating their own content. And this is important. Creating content allows Netflix to reduce its dependency on third party content and reduce their costs. 

Facebook - FB


We said everyone was on Netflix. What to say about Facebook? 

They own 4 of the 10 most downloaded apps!

The question here is, will they be able to continue their Advertising Revenue Growth? They have a lot of room on their other social networking platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger). Let's see what happens next!

Tesla - TSLA


Here's a stock that polarizes investors. Some investors are really long, betting on Tesla and others are the opposite, waiting for a correction on the stock? Why? 

While Tesla's optimistic investors thinks they will have a big portion of the electric cars, the pessimistic ones think that it's overvalued because they don't deliver even 1% of General Motors cars (76 thousand vs 10 million).

This week Elon Musk will unveil Tesla's first electric truck ever! Keep an eye on it!

Pablo de Miguel